Discovering Culion Island of Palawan!

I am sure that many of you are having second thought when hearing about spending a night at Culion, Palawan.

Yes. The place was also called “The Land of the Living Dead.” It is also known being the former largest leper colony in the world. You might also heard about the place’s darkest years and how people living there survived.

Well.. That was just some stories I also heard before I discover something more than that! 😉

At first, I only wanted to visit the place because I am so curious to see how’s Culion church looks like in person. I only have little curiosity to know more of Culion’s history.. (Since I was not a History-Lover-Much!) I just wanted to see how’s the place looks by now.. How’s people there doing.. How’s leprosy was cured for many  years now.. And I never thought everything would just changed in a blink of an eye!

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[This is not a typical blog of a traveler.. But this is a story of a girl who never thought she would treasure so many things  about visiting Culion, Palawan. My dream island to visit! ♥♥♥]


Approaching the Culion Island.. My heart started to bounce quickly! I do not know what to expect once we are in the island already!

Yes I did my research on line. But sad to say, I did not get what I am expecting to get.. 😦

As our boat stop at the port, Hubby and I then took our backpacks and ride a tricycle.

It was 10php/person up to Hotel Maya-where we are booked for a night.


Looking at the hotel..

Well, it was more than just what I am expecting. 🙂 It was a not-so-old-looking house with some ruins outside. It seems that the original structure had been destroyed many years ago.

Reading the information sign outside Hotel Maya says that it was once called Hijas De Maria Dormitory and Sta. Teresita Home. They accommodated 150 girls mostly affected by the leprosy.

The hotel was full of trees and plants that is why I am not so surprised when mosquitoes greeted me with big bites! Good thing I always have my mosquito repellent lotion with me. Hehe.. 🙂 

2 Am just so touched when they offered us welcome drinks! Oh.. Four Seasons flavor! Really ♥ it! The staffs are friendly and very accommodating. Thumbs up to them! 🙂 Our room was a two-bedroom. Air-con is available then since we arrived just after lunch. Culion’s electricity starts at 12noon and stops at 12midnight. Good thing Hotel Maya have solar power, so you may still turn on the lights even after it’s gone 🙂


♥♥♥”Dahil uso ang selfie.. Here’s mine while inside our room. Haha!” 😉

After leaving our things at the hotel.. Hubby and I decided to take a walk outside even if the sun is so hot! Supper-feeling-summer talaga! 😉

While walking around.. I noticed that many of the old structures are still standing.. Even though it seems like they don’t use it anymore-but am not so sure..

Here are some:

4 5

I was so amazed when finally I saw my dream church of Culion, Palawan! The Immaculate Conception Church! ♥♥♥

Built on the 18th century by the Spaniards.. Wow! I almost can’t stop taking pictures of it! It was incredibly beautiful in person more than what I’ve seen on the magazine a year ago! I am just so.. Amazed!


I am more amazed when we get inside the church..!

Well, as you can see.. It was really breath-taking for me too! ♥


While inside the church, suddenly I thank God. I just feel so blessed! I could not explain how it feels but.. That moment, I feel so glad I was there.. It was really a dream-come-true for me! Yehey! ♥♥♥



Our next stop was at the museum.. Luckily..! Even though it is holiday-November 01, 2013.. They can still managed us to take a tour inside! Haha! 🙂


But! Unluckily.. The projector inside the museum is broken so we haven’t got the chance to watched the film showing about the history of the island. 😦


Looking at the above image.. I’ve understand that this is the very sad story of the people of Culion, Palawan..

If someone is affected by leprosy.. They will bring the person in the island and cured them just like others. They are force to leave their loved ones so they will not get infected too.

I remember I’ve read a testimony about an old woman while at Hotel Maya.

She was really beautiful when she was younger. So when a group of doctors approached her at school in Manila, she thought that they might be charmed by her beauty.. But she was shocked when they did a test on her by asking her how many pricking of needles can she feel in her body. The doctors prick lots on her body but she felt less. That’s when they came to the conclusion that she might also have leprosy.

12The above image is the exact model of a man affected by the leprosy.

Gazing at it.. Fear was not in my heart. Instead, there’s this feeling that almost making me cry. Imagining how people affected by the leprosy lived like this is a really a sad thing. 😦

While wandering around the museum.. I noticed that there are more things to see..

More things that we are not so aware these days.. 😉 Here are some!


A vintage typewriter. 😉 14

 A vintage telephone! 😉


And the old model ambulance. 😉

Before leaving the museum.. Of course! Hubby and I must have a picture together.. So here it is!  ♥ ♥ ♥


After the walk.. We decided to take a short rest before going back to the boat for the early dinner @ 6pm since we still have fresh sea foods left.. c/o


And it is dinner time! 😉

(Looking at this picture while making this story makes me crave for these food again.. 😦 Wahaha! ♥)

Early morning we wander around Culion Island again.. 😉 Still not getting enough of Culion, Palawan right? Haha! ♥ And then we’re back at the hotel around 7am for the breakfast. A plate of Sinangag, Sunny-side-up and Corned-beef is 125php. And the plate of  Sinangag, Scrambled egg and Daing is 125php too. 🙂

21 Hubby put some of his viand into my plate.. Sweet isn’t it? That’s one of the sweetest thing I love about him! Haha! 😉  ♥♥♥

Time is so fast. And now it is 9am already.. Time to leave Culion Island, Palawan.. 😦

Kinda sad but at least I took with me some picture of the most beautiful flowers I saw around while wandering with Hubby in the island!

Really happy! Haha! 😉    (Guess there’s really no room for sadness!)

collageflowers Before going back to Coron town.. Here’s our side trip.. Of course, we will not miss our snorkeling time @ Lusong Coral Garden and Marine Sanctuary! Yehey! 😉 One of my favorite spot for snorkeling ever! ♥♥♥ c/o

22I am so in love with the clear and shallow water as we headed to the snorkeling area..

And just like the first time I fell in its beauty.. Lusong Coral Garden makes me feel in love again! ♥♥♥ 22aThe corals are so alive and colorful!

I really love Lusong Coral Garden!

23Look at the big Nemo-Clown fish here with wifey! They are so lovable right? (I took a video of them but sadly.. I can’t upload it here.. Let me just upload it maybe on youtube or fb soon.. ♥)

After some hours ago.. When we are finally feeling contended wandering underwater and after our yummy sea food lunch, we decided to go back to Coron town.


I really love the view of the “Sleeping Giant” from our boat! It is as if a man was sleeping for so many years ago already! Haha! 😉 Can you also see him???  ♥ ♥ ♥

25Now I can clearly see the “Coron” sign as if Hollywood! 😉

I remember I first fell in love with Coron, Palawan.. Next I also fell in love with Banana Island and Lusong Coral Garden.. Third I fell in love with Calauit Safari.. And now.. I can already say that I am in love with Culion Island already!

So fast yet so true! ♥♥♥

On the next.. It was our flight back to Manila already-November 03,2013.

I looked down my window inside the plane trying to view some of my beloved islands..


Maybe it was too high viewing them from above but I can still see some other beautiful islands near them..

While on our way to Manila, Hubby and I are excitedly talking about going back soon to Culion Island and spend more days there.. Hopefully soon! It is a promise.. 😉


Because that place makes me count my blessings..

It makes me feel how lucky I am to be just.. me.  ♥ ♥ ♥

I will never forget you Culion Island! I’ll see you very soon again!

Love Lots,

Ime Byahera


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