My Cebu Snorkeling♥ – 2012 Holy Week

Swim w/ the “Gentle Giant” – Butanding of Oslob, Cebu!

Visit Oslob, Cebu for a chance to meet one of the most friendly creatures underwater!  You will be surprise how friendly “Butandings” can be! Amazingly cute! ♥

“Pawikan” – Sea Turtle of Moalboal, Cebu♥

Early morning in Moalboal, Cebu when we decided to explore underwater. And look what we saw! A cute sleeping “Pawikan!”

Moalboal is the best place for snorkeling!♥

A flower underwater? Very nice right? i♥it!

Coral Garden of Moalboal♥

Wandering underwater of Moalboal is very exciting! Look at how beautiful it is.♥

A very relaxing view..♥

I am enjoying every second of viewing the those beautiful and colorful corals!

♥I love snorkeling so much!

And those cute fishy too!

♥Fall in love with the underwater view!

You will love it more when you see this images in person – I swear! ♥

♥Colorful Sea Urchin!

Don’t be afraid of Sea Urchin 🙂 They will never hurt you, just don’t super near them.

♥Smile fishy!

Different corals and different species of fishy! What more can I ask for? ♥

Cute! ♥Pencil Sea Urchin

A different kind of Sea Urchin.. Cute isn’t it?

Looking forward to visit Moalboal, Cebu again!

– ♥Ime


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