♥My Coron, Palawan Snorkeling Galore!

♥Coron, Palawan is one of my favorite place for snorkeling! It is famous for having so many amazing spots that you should not dare to miss!

[Try to visit DIY Coron http://diycoron.wordpress.com/  for amazing and affordable Coron Tours! :)]

♥Ant’s View Of Coron, Busuanga Airport!

♥Banana Island is a must in your itinerary! My favorite island of all! 🙂 Here you can get a chance to spot a Stingray! But you should not make a harsh move (like what I did!) so it will not swim so fast and hide. (Here’s a borrowed image from DIY Coron’s fb).

You should also visit Lusong Coral Garden♥!  The best Coral Garden in Coron! Colorful corals and different species of fish awaits you!

♥Lusong Coral Garden!

One more spot you should not forget is Kayangan Lake♥! Before approaching the lake, go over the cave and glimpse at the great view on top of the mountain.  This view is the most photographed area in Palawan. It is also judged as the cleanest lake in the country!

♥Kayangan Lake – View From The Top!

♥Isla Walang-Lang-aw is the best-elegant spot you should really must try! Rock formations are amazingly elegant!

♥Isla Walang lang-Aw!

I am hoping to experience Calauit Safari in my next visit to Coron. Maybe next year-2013? Hope there are some friends who can join me soon! Exciting isn’t it? 🙂

Meanwhile..  Here are some underwater pictures I would like to share! Of course taken from Coron, Palawan! ♥Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Flowers Underwater? So CUTE! ♥

REMINDER#1: Do not forget to bring underwater/over-water camera when going to Coron! For sure you will see lots of beautiful views! So underwater/over-water camera is a must! 🙂

♥Giant Clam Also Known As “Taklobo”

REMINDER#2: Bring fins with your snorkel tube and mask to complete your snorkel gear. It is more comfortable wearing fins when snorkeling because it will help you avoid getting tired at all.

♥Nemo In Red!

REMINDER#3: Nemo and other species of fish, corals, sponge etc. are everywhere underwater. So be very very cautious when trying to stand while swimming or while snorkeling. I am more concern about the underwater creatures to get harm and smash by your foot than getting your foot-itself hurt! Just kidding!  🙂 Of course I am concern with your foot too! Haha! 🙂

♥Fishy Eggs!

REMINDER#4: Don’t touch anything! It is really exciting to see a group of  fish’s eggs underwater! It looks so soft that you may want to hug them – but you should not of course! Remember the famous quote? “TAKE NOTHING BUT PICTURES, LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS,. KILL NOTHING BUT TIME”  

♥Nemo’s Family!

REMINDER#5: It is glad to meet Nemo’s family-honestly. It is kinda  heartwarming. So let us help preserve our beaches,  (not just here in Philippines) our seas, our lake-in short our nature. 🙂 So that our grand-grand-grand children may have a chance to see what we have today.

Thank you for reading ♥My Coron, Palawan Snorkeling Galore!! 

Love Lots,



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