♥ Discovering Davao!

Sunbathing Ms. Starfish! ♥

Intro-Dive for only P1,000? Wow! Super thumbs up! ♥ 

Thanks to this – TOUR OFFER – DIY TALIKUD SAMAL DAVAO by Pinoy DIY Traveler – Mr. Owen Ferrer 🙂


Here’s my  very exciting adventure in Davao, Philippines!

Mr. Crab walking at the seashore of Talikud Island! ♥

I am a simple girl who’s soooo in love with traveling, with different kinds of food and with different adventure that awaits me – always! 

It was not my first time to travel to Davao. But knowing that this is my “Intro-Dive Day”, I couldn’t control all the butterflies in my tummy.. I can’t help myself but imagine things like “Shark Biting My Legs!” Hehe..

I usually do sleeping at the plane while I’m up there. But this day is really different. I can’t sleep.  I am more than excited than ever! Maybe because I don’t really know what to expect.

I am a SNORKELER. But today is the day, I will be a DIVER. Haha!

I am super thankful to Master Diver Maeng, Charley and Glen. They never let me down, haha..! They are very friendly and caring! 🙂

Before we go down under the sea, we had a short briefing about how to talk underwater. Hehe..! Of course without opening your mouth! Haha! 🙂

Here are some Diving Hand Signs and Signals For You To Practice if you are about to take your Intro-Dive!

  • I AM OKAY or ARE YOU OKAY? = Raise your right hand with an open palm make a circle with your thumb and forefinger.
  • GOING UP = Raise your right hand, make a fist and extend your thumb upward.
  • GOING DOWN = Raise your right hand, make a fist and extend your thumb downward.
  • PROBLEM = Raise tour right with palm down. Splay your fingers wide and move your hand up and down. Then point to your ears if it is aching because of pressure. Or point to your goggles if it is foggy.
  • STOP = Raise your right hand, palm forward and fingers extended.

My Intro-Dive! So Much Fun!

Talikud Island is one of the best places to dive. And a very good place for snorkeling too! Because of the shallow corals, you will surely have great pictures like mine! Haha..!

Corals @ Talikud Island

Corals @ Talikud Island

Corals @ Talikud Island

Corals @ Talikud Island

Corals @ Talikud Island

Corals @ Talikud Island

Corals @ Talikud Island

Corals @ Talikud Island

After my first ever diving experience, I decided to charge myself with a yummy snack asap! One of my favorite-BIBINGKA! I bought this at Davao City for only P15.00 🙂

BIBINGKA! Super love it!

I love the place so much because of its relaxing ambiance.  You can also walk through the island without getting too much sunburn. Thanks for those trees that are keeping me shaded!

@ Talikud Island 🙂

I am so in love with the view..

It is very relaxing and amazing! ♥

Beautiful. ♥

Aside from diving and snorkeling at Talikud Island, I love Davao more for its “No Smoking Policy.”

And the Public Utility Discounts? You’ll love it more!

PUV Discounts! ♥

I love wandering at the market place to look for food-specially fruits. And Davao City is the best for fruit tripping! ♥

Rambutan! Super Yummy!

Marang! Super Love It!

Durian Super Like!

My first-ever Mangosteen!

I am super excited to go back to Davao again!

Forever, the memories in my heart will remain..

Cheers people!

Black Starfish of Talikud Island, isn’t it cute? ♥


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