Coron Island!

♥ “A Travel of a Non-Traveler In Coron” *02/2011 Repost from

I don’t really know what to write here. 🙂
I don’t even know what to say at all. 🙂
It’s so funny! But… I just want to share my feelings after my journey to Coron, Palawan.
Of course in Philippines!!
I only wanted to spend time only for my self when I first planned going to Coron, Palawan.
A friend of mine introduced me to DIY CORON Tours managed by Mr. Owen Ferrer.
I noticed that his tours are more affordable and feasible than the others I saw in the internet.
Little information required and then, they arranged the tour I really wanted for my self!
I recommend you try DIY CORON Tours for the best tour for your self, family and friends. J
Endorser???? Hehe…
Am just so happy about the whole tour!  🙂

Well… I am not expecting too much about Coron, Palawan. Aside from what I have read from some various magazines, and as of what I heard from the real traveler’s themselves, I know I will be glad just to get there in Coron. 🙂
I can really feel the excitement running through my nerves as the plane headed for its landing. It’s really relaxing to view the small site of Busuanga Airport. So green…fresh air…so many dragonflies…and I understand they are all there to welcome me. Of course!!   🙂
From the airport a service van meet us, (me and the other joiners) and bring us to the affordable Lolo Nonoy’s place, for an early lunch, before we begin the adventure!  🙂
After that early and yummy lunch, we rode a tricycle going to the docking station.
As I saw the wide area of water, I feel a little bit nervous in my heart. Well… I think it’s just normal for an aqua-phobia like me. But a voice in my heart keeps on asking me I should go on? Or… never meet the underwater creatures I ever wanted to meet??
And so I rode the boat like other joiners did. And from there, my adventure begins…
I do not know how to swim, but I know how to do snorkeling, a little! 🙂 And I do have a brave heart! Hahaha… and so I did enjoy everything we did from snorkeling to eating our snacks! Hehehe…‼ 🙂 The time seems two short or I just feel it so fast, I wanted to stay longer underwater but there are other sites to discover.  🙂 And I just love it all!
And I really have to say that it was my first time to saw a sting ray! It was so shy that when I move closer to it, it moves away! Hahaha…!
I have to thank all of the fishes out there who really make me so happy each time they swim with me! They are so lovely and I can’t help myself to stare at them for a long time! The corals are lovable! You must see how they take good care of those “Nemo Fishy” out there huh!?

And Oh my gosh! You will love it when you get to stay-even for one night at Banana Island!
Mmmm…I still can feel how romantic Banana Island was…So cozy… So amazing… So lovely…but yet, so simple…
Maybe because it makes me feel so comfortable that’s why I’m always longing for Banana Island since the day I left it…:(
I also want to say thank you to DIY Coron Staff! I enjoyed ‘Coron Banana Island Loop’ a lot! You know what guys?? I think, it’s not all because of those beautiful places that people feels so happy when they got there. It’s also because of those people who helped them get there.
I have felt so comfortable with the boat captain and his helper. They are really friendly! They prepared our snacks, they also prepared our dinner that night, and our breakfast the next morning.
I have to confess, I ate a lot each time they serves food! Hahaha! Maybe because they cook so well or…they only cook with love.  🙂
Well… Well… Well…
I thought I will only write a few words but… looks like I have enjoyed too much reminiscing about that two days and one night adventure of mine!!  🙂
I have thanked the fishes…
I have thanked the DIY Coron Staff…
Mmm… Let me thank myself too.
Thank you beautiful Ime! Because you let yourself to see howPalawan is truly amazing‼
I will surely get back to Coron, Palawan!
My adventures made me a new and better me!
And I love it a lot!

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